WIP #1: Second Draft – Outlining

After letting my 75,000 word first draft sit in a drawer for two months, I’m sitting down this week to look back at my word vomit and start to bring it all into some kind of order.

I’m using Weiland’s Outling Your Novel + Workbook along with her Structuring Your Novel + Workbook to help guide me, as well as the writer resources available via Susan Dennard, Delilah S. Dawson, and Chuck Wendig, excellent advice givers all.

My major concern with this draft is to be able to connect all the dots from beginning to THE END. Whether I use index cards or post it notes or some kind of flow chart mapping program online, I’ve gotta get my ducks in a row. I know the story I am trying to tell, now I just need to read back through my first draft, find the themes, characters, and elements I want to keep, and put it all into a clear structure for a second draft rewrite. I have a week of spring break to do some heavy lifting on this (I am a full-time maths teacher!) and I plan to make the most of my time.

What’s Happening?

I will be at AWP next week in Portland, Oregon where I’ll be attending all the revision panels I can find, exploring Powell’s Books for the first time, and experiencing all the culinary wonder that Portland’s Grub Hub can bring to me at my hotel. Thank goodness for their inexpensive light rail system, because I really didn’t want to have to rent a car.