Social Media

I’ve been having trouble deciding if I should completely remove myself from social media. I left Facebook in September of 2018, but there are a lot of authors I follow on Twitter that have a lot of good advice to give on writing and publishing so I am hesitant to leave. I am reasoning that they all also have websites that I can access where they give advice also, and we are entering a time where a lot of people have tinyletter newsletters that they send out automatically via email too. So maybe being sucked into Twitter every day isn’t so necessary to move forward with my learning.

I’m worried that without any connection to social media I might be hurting my chances at getting an agent or being published, but all the knowledge I’ve seen says that if you are writing fiction a social presence isn’t necessary. I want to believe it, but I also worry that bad advice is everywhere. I have seen across the board that having an author website is essential, so this website will remain and I plan to keep it updated as often as possible.

At the heart of all these decisions is my desire to stay focused on writing my book. With a full time job it’s already very difficult to find the time and the energy to work every day. The temptation of zoning out on Twitter or other areas of the internet is so great that often I find myself at bedtime without realizing it, having spent the 3 hours between work and sleep staring at my tv or a timeline. If I can get one of those two out of the equation, I’m sure I can replace it with revisions and outlining and excellent word counts.

I have a book, it has its first draft, and I’m moving forward. I know I can work all summer on it, but if I want to try to query before I am dead I need to figure out a routine that works during the school year too. Eliminating Twitter seems to be a good first step in bringing my focus around to where it belongs. As many of the authors I admire say, you should do whatever is necessary to insure your best work is being produced. The truth is that I think social media is in my way.

Time to clear the way.