Quiet Time

The school year is winding down and in 14 days I will be free of work for 9 weeks. I’m already planning ahead, setting up time to write and revise in this golden down time that I get every year.

Libraries are truly the best community resource. When I was in my local branch the other day, I noticed a sign for a new online program that allowed patrons to sign up for study room time in the study rooms. I didn’t even know that there were study rooms, but the librarian that was checking out my holds explained that I should sign up for the D study room because it was in the quieter area of the library. (Yes, I giggled about the D study room.)

So Monday through Friday, depending on study room availability, I’ll be traveling to my local library to spend 2 hours working on my book. I want it to feel like a little part-time job. I’ll work on it at home too, but these two hours are going to be guaranteed work time. This is also how I’m going to get myself to go to the gym. After my 2 hour shift at the library, I’ll drive down the road a piece and spend an hour or so at the gym. Last summer I barely got out of the house and wrote at home every day to get my first draft finished.

This year is going to be different and I am very excited.