2020 NaNoWriMo Summer Camp

Camp NaNoWriMo 2020

NaNoWriMo Twitter

I have reached the 25% mark in the second draft of my novel, despite battling some health issues over the past week or so. It turns out that a multi-day headache/migraine doesn’t really inspire sitting at a computer and writing. I did it anyway, because my time is limited. The school year is coming and once it starts, the consistent writing usually stops.

I loved the #1000wordsofsummer event. I got 15,000ish words done with that motivation. It’s a 14 day event every year and Jami Attenberg even said she’s going to run a 7 day #1000wordsofaugust that I am already pumped for. But there is a giant, gaping void of July in between those two, and for that I’ll be using the summer version of National Novel Writing Month, Camp NaNoWriMo.

The traditional event that is held in November each year, asks participants to write 50,000 words (the average novel length) in 30 days. That averages out to about 1,667 words each day, then BOOM you have a first draft of a novel! Well, November isn’t the best time for me to participate. I always start with the best of intentions (although I forgot all about 2019 NaNoWriMo!) and then like 7 days in I forget or work is too much or I’m exhausted and then I feel like a failure.

Camp NaNoWriMo is in July every year, lasts the entire month, and as far as I have explored on the website you can set your own word goal, join write-ins in your area (which with the pandemic will probably be different this year), and create ‘cabins’ which are writing groups that you can join and encourage each other and post your word counts. I think I might join one this year so I feel accountable to someone. Since I know that 1,000 a day works for me, I set my word count goal for the month at 31,000.

I’ve linked to both the website and the Twitter handle if you’re interested in trying this event out for yourself. Don’t forget to set a reasonable goal so you feel successful – these events should move you forward in your project whether that’s 100 words or 10,000 words. Just because I’m able to set 1,000 per day doesn’t make you less because you can do 200 per day. If this was September I’d be doing 0 per day and looking at your 200 words with envy, which I shouldn’t do! Do your best, that’s all you can do, and write your story.