2021 Writing Goals

Welcome to the doorstep of 2021! If you’re like me you dragged yourself bruised and battered to this point, but are thankful that you somehow survived. This didn’t seem like the kind of New Year’s Eve to make resolutions that weren’t purely for things that I enjoyed, so I thought about how I could become a better writer and have fun doing it.

My book is still in progress, and while I usually write it in a rush over my summer break, I’ve decided to attempt a VERY SMALL daily word count to give myself a head start. 150 words a day to get me 20,000 words deep into a third draft ahead of the summer should give me the breathing room I need.

I’ve joined Susan Dennard’s Story a Month Challenge which will ask me to write a short story every month this year based on a monthly prompt. 160ish words per day should get me there, and writing this way might give me a selection of stories to submit to wherever you submit short stories for publication.

On this site I will be posting my responses to The Severed Moon prompts, a year of journaling prompts provided by the amazing Leigh Bardugo. These should give me practice with the art of the personal essay, which I could also send out for publication elsewhere if they seem to be good.

And of course I will be writing book reviews, recipe reviews, and other stuff over at my review site angryangelbooks.com.

I’ll be doing a LOT of writing in 2021. I can’t wait to see what it all will be!